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Pie Dough


8/30 things: Passions


What are 5 passions you have?

1 My crafting things. I am very passionate about my crafts be it crochet or knitting or sewing.

2 My family. I love my family and would be more then happy to brutally harm a person that hurt them in any way shape or form.

3 baking /cooking I love to bake and make food for others (hello look at my major) I love to work with food but mostly breads and pastries and the like.

4.Hooping. I love hula hooping/ hoop dancing I just recently got into the sport and it is so much fun. I have 3 hoops so far and would like to get into poi hooping.

5. My Religion. I am passionate about my religious belief . I don’t talk about it a lot but that is because I have been judged by people that don’t understand what I am about or what I practice but to those who share a common interest in paganism with me they know I am very serious about my practice.

6. Just throwing this in here because I can. I am passionate about my “kids” also read as my pets. I have 2 ferrets a cat and a turtle that I love and try to give them the best that I can. My ferrets Trixie, and Elle get a lot of attention when I see them (they live at my boyfriend’s house because I can’t have furry animals at my house…. yet) I also make sure they have some of the best food that money can buy as well as their favorite treats (which is just canned food that they really like). The same goes for my cat Julio I don’t mean food wise because he gets the same food as the other cats which is still damn good food but I will not lie I spoil him even though he is a a****** to the other cats (but he loves his girls also read as the ferrets). I also love my pain in the butt fatty mcfatfat turtle Mr. Snappy. He is a pain in the butt because he eats so freaking much but I still love him even if he can eat 2 dozen minnows in less the 2 days…..

Help For classmates part 3 (laminated dough)

Sorry about the quality of some of the videos I forgot my memory card one day so 2 videos where taken off of my phone.

Part 1

Part 2

Lock in and rolling

Danish shaping part 1

Danish shaping part 2


Elephant ears

making cone

Photos from class

Lock in and fold types


Differences between dough types


Steps of lamination


Help for Classmates Part 2

Part 1


Remember once we took it out of the Proofer we stretched it a bit then brushed on olive oil and some salt and dimpled it before putting in oven.


Remember we continued to stretch it in the pan until it fit completely. Then we brushed with olive oil and salt before dimpling it and placing in oven.

Napoletano Pizza

Deep Dish Pizza


Remember we soaked in a lye solution before salting and then scoring with a smile at the bottom.


Remember we boiled in a honey water solution before adding seasoning and baking.

7/30things: Dream job.

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What is your dream job, and why?

My dream job would have to be a Baker… Why? Because I LOVE to bake things for other people. I love baking I love the smell of baking bread cookies cakes brownies you name it I love to bake it. I use to jump back and forth about what I wanted to do in my life and no matter where it went I was always going to be baking even if it wasn’t my real job.

As it has been said in previous post I am going to school for Baking and Pastry and everyday I go into class I am excited. What will I learn what are we going to make what small tidbits of information gold will I be able to learn from my instructors today. The thought of going to class use to be filled with dread for me and now I can’t wait (unless its a test day). I already know I love this career choice I have made and am glad I am working towards my dream job instead of it just being something off in the distance of I would like to be that but never will be.


Chef Nancy Carey’s Brownies of onnom

In class Chef (our instructor) had me help her out with a brownie recipe and it was amazing I have decided to steal the recipe (also so I can share it with my classmates)

Ingredients: (allll by weight….ok almost all)

  • 5 oz butter
  • 20 oz 61% dark chocolate
  • 4 oz Baker’s Chocolate (Pure chocolate mass)
  • 13.36 oz eggs (yes we weighed out the eggs)
  • 1 Tbs vanilla
  • 24 oz sugar
  • 7 oz pastry flour
  • 1 1/4 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 8 oz (or more) of mini choco chips

If you are wondering how the hell you are supposed to weigh eggs like this… take the some eggs (about 7 or 8) and whisk them together and then measure that way you might have some left over but hey it can be an egg wash or scrambled eggs.

  1. Melt together the butter, dark chocolate and bakers chocolate in a double boiler (or if you have another method then by all means use that)
  2. In a separate bowl (or on a piece of parchment paper) sift the pastry flour, baking powder, and salt together.
  3. Mix the egg, vanilla and sugar together in your stand mixer (paddle attachment) until combined,
  4. Add in the melted chocolate butter mixture and don’t be afraid just pour.
  5. Add the flour mixture and mix until just incorporated.
  6. Add in the mini choco chips and fold in by hand.
  7. Pour into a 9×13 pan (or a half hotel pan if you know what that is)
  8. bake for about 25 min in a 325 degree oven or until the top is somewhat firm and doesn’t jiggle.
  9. EAT IT ALLLLLLL (but please let it cool first don’t want to be burning your mouth)



pizza, pretzels, bagels oh my

So I have been meaning to post this for a while now. The last few weeks in my baking class have been a lot of fun. Don’t get me wrong it’s always fun but we made some of my favorite foods recently and well that makes for a very happy Manda.

First there was the deep dish pizza of omnoms. omnomnomnom deep dish pizza


then there was the just as omgamazingness that was the Napoletano pizza.

IMG_0106 IMG_0107


If you are wondering the differences between the 2 pizzas … Well besides the obvious difference in dimension. A deep dish pizza is built more like a casserole while a napolentano pizza has a small amount of toppings and is meant for that bubbly delicious crust.

We then had the bagels that were boiled in a honey water solution just before baking… If you have never had a boiled bagel you are missing out so much. (Just in case you didn’t know store bought bagels are steamed as are Panera’s). The flavor and depth to these bagels have ruined me for anything else and I would very much like to make my own one day. We made Plain, Everything, and Poppyseed.

IMG_0108The the soft pretzels… We need to just stop and think about this for a second. I have never had a better pretzel. Ours were dipped in a water lye solution but if that doesn’t float your boat (lye is a corrosive chemical) you can dip in a water baking soda solution that is at a boil and then give them an egg wash so that the salt will adhere and they have a nice color.

IMG_0114here is a photo of a good pretzel (left side if you couldn’t tell) and a pretzel that wasn’t rolled out long enough (right side) even though it wasn’t good for what we wanted it would make a very nice bun for a burger. The techniques used to shape these is going to be put on a different post so stay tuned for that.



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